It's magic! £60,000 for live-in wizard at Wookey Holes Caves tourist spot


Top Somerset tourist attraction Wookey Hole Caves is offering a £60,000-a-year opportunity to become a real-life Albus Dumbledore.

Owners of the famous caves are offering the spellbinding salary in return for its very own live-in wizard, and are set to host open auditions for a wand-waving sorcerer to take up residence in their historic attraction, which pulls in £40,000 visitors every year.

The winning criteria? A white beard, magical powers (read: able to perform tricks), and working well with animals.

Hundreds of hopefuls are now expected to apply for the position before going before the judges in an X Factor-style audition on 26 July.

Last year Wookey Hole offered a whopping £50,000-a-year job to a live-in witch.

Carla Calamity, aka Carole Bohanan, a 40-year-old former estate agent, landed the magical job last July after beating 300 other finalists.

In total, 3,000 men and women applied for the job. Armed with broomsticks, they had 60 seconds to wow the caves' managers.

After her win, the witch told the Daily Mail: 'Going from an estate agent to this is a natural progression I suppose. You need a bit of magic and witchery to sell houses.'

The job came with a salary of £50,000 pro rata, based on work during school holidays and at weekends. She taught visitors about witchcraft and magic.

In busy times, she even had to leave her rented Shepton Mallet home and sleep in the caves.

According to legend, the original Wookey Witch was turned to stone by Father Bernard, who had been appointed by the Abbott of Glastonbury to rid villagers of her curse.

Wookey Hole has had a live-in witch for close to a decade. Before Carla Calamity arrived, the post was held for six years by Jane Brenner, who eventually moved to another post at the tourist attraction.

The original Wookey Witch is said to have lived in the caves with some goats and a dog, and was accused of a range of social problems, from crop failures to disease.

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