Farmer creates largest 'maize' in Europe - in the style of Harry Potter!


Looking for something different for the kids to do this summer holiday? We've found just the thing!

A British farmer in Yorkshire has created one of the world's largest spot the difference competitions as a tribute to Harry Potter.

Tom Pearcy has carefully cut out two portraits of the boy wizard in his crop of maize plants at his field, near York.

With some subtle differences between the two images it creates what is believed to be the world's largest spot the difference competition.

At over 50m in diameter, each head is also believed to be the largest image of Potter star Daniel Radcliffe ever created.

The images have been painstakingly carved out in over a million living maize plants, and the the 10km of pathways form an intricate maze for visitors to explore.

York Maze is the largest maize maze in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.

Mr Pearcy's previous maze designs have included a Spitfire, astronaut, the Statue of Liberty and the Flying Scotsman.

He told the Northern Echo: 'I am a big fan of Harry Potter and the release of the final film this summer marks the end of an era.

'I wanted to do something imaginative to say farewell to Harry, so creating the biggest image of him ever made and making it a spot the difference competition seemed like an interesting way to do that.'

York Maze opens to visitors on Saturday and will be open every day until Sunday 4 September.

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