Prince Albert books £4,600-a-night hotel suite to save marriage


With Princess Charlene dreading the DNA results which could prove her new husband has a third illegitimate child, Prince Albert of Monaco has a lot of work to do making his wife happy and has booked a £4,600-a-night suite at luxury hotel The Oyster Box in Durban, South Africa where they will be spending their honeymoon.

Prince Albert is pulling out all the stops to convince Charlene their marriage can work with a lavish holiday in her home country. He's believed to have booked the Presidential Suite, which is set on two floors and includes a swimming pool, freestanding marble bath overlooking the Indian Ocean, a private dining area that can seat 10 people and its own terrace - all for a whopping £4,600 a night!

A senior Palace source in Monte Carlo spoke to the Daily Mail and said: 'It's a perfect place for a pair of newlyweds, and may well be all that Charlene needs to make her feel certain that marrying Albert was exactly the right thing to do.'

The results are likely to be released once the couple return from their honeymoon as Princess Charlene could refuse to return to Monaco if she discovers Albert had been unfaithful, a source told the Daily Mail.

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