Smallest beach hut in Brit seaside town on sale for £60,000


The smallest beach hut in upmarket seaside town Southwold, Suffolk, has gone on the market at £60,000.

It may only be the size of a garden shed, but its price tag is mighty.

The rundown-looking property measures just seven feet squared and is sandwiched by much bigger brightly-coloured huts with verandas, which sit beside it at the bottom of the town's East Cliff.

Its modest appearance hasn't seemed to affect its pulling power, though. The blue and white hut can command the relatively high price as the resort is so popular with well-heeled Londoners.

A spokeswoman for Durrants told the Daily Mail: 'We have got a fair bit of interest in it.

'The current owner believes it is the only original beach hut left in Southwold. It is certainly the smallest that I am aware of.'

The hut numbered 98B - thought to have been standing for 100 years - still has its original iron wheels and is being sold with folding chairs and a small table.

It boats views of Southwold's pier and sits on the sea front.

Potential buyers will need to be aware that their property has no mains water, gas or electricity and council rules state that nobody can stay the night in it.

Owners of the other 300 other beach huts on the same stretch and in the town have to share running water from a communal tap.

And if they want a cup they have to boil the water on mini gas hobs.

Larger huts in the most popular area of Southwold around Gun Hill have previously sold for more than £100,000.

The area is beloved by celebrities including Chris Evans, Michael Palin, Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis.

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