Britain is set to sizzle for the rest of June


Forecasters believe that we're just days away from a heatwave that could last until July, leaving some parts of the UK even hotter than north Africa and the Mediterranean.

Meteorologists consider June 1 to be the first day of summer and temperatures are expected to reach the mid to high 20s on Saturday, taking us into 'Flaming June' which could deliver the hottest weather we've seen for five years.

This week temperatures are expected to hit 24C in the south east and 22C in Wales, northern England and Scotland.

Forecasters predict that temperatures will stay above 21C in June and July – and could even hit 32C.

It looks likely that rainfall will continue to be below average in the second half of June in the south, which is good news for Glastonbury and Wimbledon but bad news for farmers and consumers, as food prices will increase as a result.

The Environment agency has already put together a drought plan amid fears that we're on course for a summer like 1976 – the hottest summer on record.

So it looks like it's time to get the barbecue ready for the weekend...

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Wonderfully secluded cottages by the sea

Wonderfully secluded cottages by the sea