This week will be a washout - but summer set to be a scorcher


The heatwave Brits have been basking in is set to turn today, with thunderstorms expected into next week - but forecasters predict we'll still be in for a sizzling summer with temps reaching 32 C.

But, according to Met Office forecaster Barry Gromett, May isn't set to stand up to the hottest April since records began.

'We've had a very dry month, without a shadow of a doubt, but it's eventually turned,' he said.

'Our 30-day forecast is showing that from now on it's going to be more mixed.'

Bascially, you need to get your brolly ready - the coming rain is due to cover much of England and Wales over the next week as a weather front crosses the country. Only the counties in the extreme south can expect dry periods.

This weekend, the far north and Scotland could see up to two inches of rain over a 48-hour period and gale force winds.

The miserable weather is due to last into next month, he said, with May due to be wetter than average in the North and average in the South.

He added: 'The next stable dry run of weather is not until the start of June. If people can just hang on, we're then due a fine dry spell.'

His views were echoed in the Daily Express, which reports that Britain is set for a tropical summer this year.

According to forecasts, the mercury will stay above 70f (21c) in June and July - and may even hit a sweltering 90f (32c).

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