Tiny Puppy Doing the ‘River Dance’ at Vet Clinic Wins the Internet

Shutterstock/Pavel Shlykov

Have you ever seen a dancing dog? What about a tiny dancing puppy? Whether you have or not, you're in for a treat when you watch Cuppaj0's video that he shared at the end of April showing an adorable tiny pup dancing at the vet clinic...it will definitely make you smile!

The video shows somebody in scrubs holding the puppy up so its hind legs are touching the exam table. But the puppy isn't used to being held up like that, and its tiny legs begin to dance as it tries to stand up. Make sure your sound is on so you can hear the Irish jig and watch as the dog literally dances to the beat!

This made my day! I've seen the river dance being performed by humans and this is way better hands down! Cuppaj0's video immediately went viral and broke the internet - it has more than 30 million views, 7 million likes, and almost 25 thousand comments. @Alli said, "Me, an Irish Dancer: I cannot compete with this." @avery.elise got almost 40 thousand likes when she said simply, "Absolute perfection." and @clownnbabyy got over 21 thousand likes when they added, "What a little lad."

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Adorable Dancing Dogs

If there's one thing that's for certain after reading through so many of those comments, it's that people can't get enough of dancing dogs...we love 'em! And if you are on social media a lot, you can find a ton of videos of dogs shaking their groove thing.

But can dogs actually dance? Newsweek shared a video of a dancing dog and later in the article said that dogs can't dance. "Scientifically speaking, dogs can't dance. According to a 2009 paper published in Current Biology, dancing is defined as "synchronization to a beat." The only creatures that have proven they can move in time to the music are humans and a parrot called Snowball, the feathered star of the study."

I know that Newsweek is a credible news source, but I'm going to have to beg to differ on this one. I've seen lots of dancing dogs, and one of my favorites is this dog who dances like he's hanging out at the club. As one commenter pointed out, "This dog has more rhythm than most people I know. He knows the steps!!!" This dog dances better than I do, and I was actually quite jealous about it. And this dog's impressive moves should earn her some kind of award.

Dogs aren't the only ones who dance. Cats enjoying moving to the beat and so do birds. And let's not forget spiders. The beautiful Peacock spider has an intricate dance it does when it wants to mate, and it's mesmerizing to watch!

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