Terrier Finds Forever Home After Jumping Into Firefighter's Arms Who Saved Her After Owner Passed

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On April 18, Helston Community Firefighters in Cornwall in the UK, were called to help police enter a home of a deceased woman who had her little Terrier dog by her side.

The little Terrier was found shivering next to the body of her owner.

The Daily Mail reports The firefighter from Helston Community Fire Station broke down the door of the house in Breage, 10 miles away from Penzance, only to discover that the owner had died.

Mr Trounson was touched by the sad look on the little dog's face as she sat there dutifully with her owner and asked if he could look after.

Following an unsuccessful mission to reunite Martha with her owner's next of kin, the builder-turned firefighter adopted her himself.

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The BBC reports that Trounson said, "It took me a few attempts to get her to come to me, but after quite a bit of persuasion, she literally jumped into my arms and she hasn't left me since."

What an absolutely sweet ending to this tragic story. It sounds like Martha and her hero were just meant to be.

How To Reassure a Frightened Dog

Even though this little pup warmed up to the firefighter very quickly it can take some time for an adopted dog to adjust to a new owner.

It's always helpful to remember the 3-3-3 rule of adoption.

The Pike Peaks Humane Society has an excellent explanation of this:

  • The First Three Days

    • Dogs need the first three days to decompress from all the recent changes in their life. It’s important to give them plenty of space and time to acclimate to their new surroundings. They might be confused, nervous, or scared at first as they experience new sights, smells, and sounds. Your new dog might be more on the shy side during this time, so you can limit their exposure to other pets and family members to help keep them from becoming overwhelmed.

  • The First Three Weeks

    • The next three weeks is when your new furry family member begins to learn your routine. After the initial three days, you can begin to introduce your dog to other pets and family members. It’s important to remember to keep their routine consistent and give them positive reinforcement to reward good behavior. This can be done by praising them in a soft voice or offering tasty treats! Now that the first three weeks have gone by, your new dog should start to settle in and feel more comfortable.

  • The First Three Months

    • During the next three months, continue to reinforce good behavior and gradually their exposure to new experiences. This could be a good time to work on a routine for training, exercise, and playtime to help develop good habits and build confidence. Every dog is different, so remember to stay patient with their progress! By the end of the first three months, your new dog should be fully adjusted to their new home and routine and set up for success in their new home.

A new dog can be a bit timid at first but if you give it lots of love, affection, and patience they should come around in no time. Always check with your veterinarian if your new adopted dog is very fearful or shows signs of aggression, because they can offer help and solutions.

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