Teens Sneak Husky with Them on Night Out Because He’s a Known ‘Snitch'

CC Mirjam Claus/Shutterstock

You can always trust young people to come up with a crazy plan. And a group of teens on TikTok didn't disappoint. Worried that their Husky would wake up parents after a night out, they decided to bring the dog with so that he wouldn't "snitch." And honestly, the scheme is sort of brilliant.

We have to hand it to the youngsters, they really found a way to fix the only thing that could ruin their night out.

Dogs are sort of snitches. Well, they're definitely noisy when you enter your home. But @corii1110 had a two-fold problem, she had a dog that could ruin her good time and that dog happened to be a Husky. Those dogs aren't just excitable, they're very, very vocal too.

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"Taking the dog with us because he a snitch," she joked in the text overlay.

The woman and her accomplice first first got the dog out of the backyard and then managed to get the dog to the backseat of her car.

"I'm just a girl," she joked in the caption.

Hilariously, people in the comments section said this was a common experience. "My son did this one time and I couldn’t understand why my very active dog was sleeping all day. She was out partying all night!" one person wrote. "We did this thinking we wouldn't get picked up for curfew. Three of us and a German Shepherd were put in the back of a cop car," someone else shared. "Lmao that’s how I got caught. When I came back from sneaking out my mom was holding my sad Chihuahua," a third commenter added. "Dog really said 'where are WE going,'" one person teased.

Huskies Are Vocal Dogs

Like we said, it would be one thing to try and sneak out with a regular dog, but with a Husky? Forget it. Those dogs are too chatty to ever be your cover. Huskies are known for being very vocal animals and they're known for their unique vocalizations too.

Huskies use these vocalizations to express their emotions. When in a pack, they originally used these sounds to communicate with each other when pulling a sled. But in everyday life they use sounds to share when they're sad or want attention. Some people think they're even saying real words! But really these dogs are very good mimics. They tend to hear how we talk and can copy the pitch.

Huskies are also sort of dramatic. So we see why the teens brought the dog with — you know he was going to complain about being left out of the good time.

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