Taylor Swift fans already queuing outside Wembley as Eras Tour arrives in London

Taylor Swift superfans have started queuing for the singer’s opening show at Wembley Stadium on Friday night.

Swift is set to perform a series of London gigs over the summer starting with a trio of shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Brian Wood, 56, is the first in line for Friday’s show while he waits for his 16-year-old daughter, Caitlin, to join him – the pair are planning to attend all three shows.

Fans waiting to enter Wembley Stadium
Some fans have been waiting since Thursday morning to be among the first to enter the stadium (Aaron Chown/PA)

The corporate tax lawyer from Philadelphia said he first scouted out the size of the line on Sunday evening, but after realising that nobody else had arrived, retreated to his room at the Novotel near the stadium.

Sat by the fence in a camping chair since Thursday morning, Mr Wood told the PA news agency: “I’m not going to give up the place. If I left, it would be gone.

“My daughter is a big Taylor Swift fan. I’m holding the spot for her – that’s what dads do.”

Mr Wood said he’s been working since he arrived on Sunday by taking work calls in his hotel room.

He said: “I’m getting some sleep, not a lot. I’ve got a sleeping bag in my tent.

“This is the way we always do it when we go to shows. It’s a better experience when you’re first in.

“If you’re up front, the artist is right there. For us it’s worth the time and the hassle. The payoff comes when you’re inside the arena.”

Fans pose for selfies in front of a mural of Taylor Swift outside Wembley Stadium
Fans pose for selfies in front of a mural of Taylor Swift outside Wembley Stadium (Aaron Chown/PA)

Lucy Smith, 40, has been sat outside with daughter Ella Smith, 15, since 2pm on Thursday.

Ms Smith, who works in customer service, said she made the trip from Wales especially for the gig having never seen Swift perform.

She said: “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My daughter’s a big Swiftie. She’s been planning this for a year.

“We’re going to keep alternating in shifts. We’ve got a room in the Premier Inn so we’ll do naps and then change.”

A mural of Taylor Swift on the Spanish Steps outside Wembley Stadium
Swift will perform three shows over the weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Aaron Chown/PA)

Maria Barrientos and Manuel Cordero, both 27, have come from Cadiz, in Spain, to watch Friday’s performance.

Ms Barrientos, who works in finance and has seen Swift perform four times, said the pair did not plan to wait in line but changed their minds when they saw a queue forming.

Mr Cordero, who works for a translation company, said: “We wanted to see her super close. We thought, if there are people queuing we have to be there.

Ms Barrientos, who said she has been listening to the singer’s music since she was a child, added: “We paid 400 euros each for the tickets. We have to make it work.”