'Grandchild phone scam' catching out elderly people in the Midlands


Senior woman using mobile phone while holding credit card

There's been a recent spate of attempted scams in the Midlands and Devon targeting grandparents. In the scam, grandparents receive a call out of the blue, often late at night, claiming to be a grandchild.

They claim to be in trouble and ask their grandparent to send them money, often asking for bank details to cover bail payments or arrange for a courier to pick up credit cards.

The scam has been around for years but scammers have become more sophisticated, pulling information from Facebook and other social media about the grandchild and use that to convince grandparents that it's legitimate.

If you receive this kind of call TalkTalk has provided three easy steps you can take to protect yourself:

1. Hang up

Lawyers do not call grandparents to pay bail by credit card, so it feels wrong hand up and don't give out any personal details.

2. Make up a cup of tea

Although it might feel like an urgent situation, this will give you the opportunity to think things through and sense check the details of the call.

3. Call back

Try calling your grandchild or other family members to verify the story. If you can't get hold of anyone call your local police station as they can check if your grandchild really has got into trouble or help you report the scam.

For more information on Beating the Scammers visit talktalk.co.uk/beatthescammers