Five phone scams to watch out for


Man victim of credit card fraud

An average eight scam calls are made every second in the UK, with scammers stealing huge sums from people. A fifth of Brits who are targeted by these lost between £100 and £500 and one in eight lost up to £10,000.

New research has revealed the five clear scams that people are falling victim to, so here are the ones to watch out for:

1. Being called by so-called Microsoft Windows Support to say your computer has a virus and they need your passwords to fix it.

2. A crook claiming to be from your bank or HMRC saying there's a problem with your account or tax bill and they need your security details, including your PIN.

3. An offer of an unmissable investment or the chance to access pension savings early.

4. Messages asking you to call back after a missed call and the number is a premium rate line.

5. Being told you have won a large prize and being asked to pay a processing fee or to call a premium rate line to claim your prize.

To help you protect yourself from scammers TalkTalk has created three easy steps to follow:

Hang up

Think calmly about what you are being told, ask yourself if it makes sense. Don't give out any personal details. If it feels wrong, hang up.

Make tea

Making a cup of tea is the perfect opportunity to get away from the phone, pause and reflect on what to do next.

Call back

If the caller claimed to be from a company, call the official number (not the number you were called by) and ask whether they've called you. If they didn't they can help you report it.

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