What to do if your child is being cyberbullied



  1. Talk about it – find the right time to approach you child if you think they're being bullied
  2. Show your support – be calm and considered and tell them how you'll help them get through it
  3. Don't stop them going online – taking away their devices or restricting usage might make things worse and make your child feel more isolated
  4. Help them to deal with it themselves – if it's among school friends, and if they feel they can, advise them to tell the person how it made them feel and ask to take any comments or pictures down
  5. Don't retaliate – getting angry won't help, advise your child not to respond to abusive messages and leave conversations if they're uncomfortable
  6. Block the bullies – if the messages are repeated block and report the sender to the social network or gaming platform
  7. Keep the evidence – take screenshots in case you need them later as proof of what's happened
  8. Don't deal with it alone – talk to friends for support and if necessary your child's school who will have an anti-bullying policy
Internet Matters has now launched a comprehensive online hub where parents can get information and advice on how to deal with cyberbullying.