Citizens Advice warn many broadband packages have a sting in the tail, but no longer with TalkTalk

Existing customers given same deals offered to new customers



The cheapest broadband prices rise by an average of 43% or £113 a year, after introductory deals end, the charity Citizens Advice has found.

Internet service providers had "loyalty penalties" as follows, according to Citizens Advice:

- BT 12 month contract: £198 (67% increase)
- Sky 12 months: £120 (53% increase)
- EE 18 months: £90 (36% increase)
- TalkTalk 24 months: £66 (28% increase)

However, with TalkTalk's new plans, customers can now change to a better deal every 30 days during their contract and get the same great deals as new customers. This gives TalkTalk customers with existing contracts absolute certainty that they're paying the best price.

What's more, unlike the other major providers, TalkTalk guarantees the monthly price paid for broadband will stay the same for the length of your contract. There are no hidden extras.

Find out more about how TalkTalk have changed the way they do things here.