'Because value matters'


Many companies claim to understand their customers, but very often it's wishful thinking. So it's great to hear of one that not only listens, but swiftly acts on what they find.

TalkTalk were determined to find out what really matters to their customers. Recent research from across the country showed the vast majority of people wanted things to be simple, fair and more reliable – all adding up to first-rate value for money.

Acting swiftly on what they found, TalkTalk developed and launched new plans, with a guaranteed fixed price right through your contract. So you'll always be getting the great value price you start on, with no sudden hikes to blow the monthly budget.

Another frustration we've all experienced is seeing better deals offered for new customers than the one we're on. It's a kick in the teeth for a loyal customer. Not so with TalkTalk. Any customer can take any new offer that's out there – even switch every 30 days if they like.

It's all refreshingly fair, in a market where the bigger players like BT and Sky do not always offer bigger value.

To see all the ways TalkTalk are giving customers what matters visit talktalk.co.uk/valuematters
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