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The pick of best shows from the biggest online stars


TalkTalk are offering a collection of online videos from Maker Studios free for the entire month of February.

Catch your YouTube favourites such as Epic Rap Battles of History, Sam Macaroni, In a Galaxy and Makeup by Camilla, totally ad-free on your TV this month. To watch Maker on demand just hit the TalkTalk button on your remote, followed by My Stuff and My Boosts. Go to Free Maker Studios on demand to start watching at no extra cost.

Not to be missed:

Epic Rap Battles of History
How do you decide who's more important to history? Rap battle! Watch Bieber v Beethoven, Seuss v Shakespeare, and Trump v Scrooge.

Makeup by Camilla
Brazilian-born beauty vlogger Camila Coelho posts videos on all things fashion, beauty and hair-related.

Shameless Maya
What would happen if you shamelessly promoted yourself for 365 days? Shameless Maya aims to find out, while posting lifestyle vlogs, inspirational transformations, tech, beauty and fashion videos.

Storytime with the Fat Jew
Voiced by "The Fat Jew" himself, Josh Ostrovsky, as he recounts hilarious, strange, and sometimes disturbing stories from his life, all depicted through quirky animation.

In a Galaxy
Co-produced by Morgan Spurlock, In a Galaxy takes a look inside the lives of 22 Star Wars super-fans.

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