Want a New Year's Resolution you can stick to?

Ditch the gym and focus on saving money

Father paying bills with family behind him

If you want a resolution that you won't have given up on by this time next year, new research suggests you should focus on your finances.

According to a survey of 2,000 UK adults commissioned by TalkTalk, money saving resolutions are more likely to stand the test of time, with more people achieving their goal. The research showed that 41% of people who made a money saving resolution last year have stuck to it for the full year, compared to 35% of those who planned to get fit and 24% of those who committed to learning a new language.

Resolutions to curb spending have also over taken previously popular New Year goals such as losing weight or quitting bad habits, with some 28.6 million Brits (54%) now looking to save the pennies in 2017.

The steep increase in tightening the purse strings has in part been driven by the unexpected events of 2016, which has led to two out of three UK adults now revealing that they are worried about money – double the figure in 2014

To help more people with their bid to budget, value for money broadband, TV, mobile and phone provider TalkTalk has partnered with money saving expert and financial commentator, Annie Shaw to provide advice on how to take control of your finances.

Shaw commented: "We often find ourselves starting the year with the best intentions. Making plans to save more and monitor our spending habits more closely, but this can quickly be tested when the day-to-day realities come into play. For me, the biggest key to prolonged success is to make resolutions achievable. If the task ahead of you is too big, it's often far too easy to give up at the first hurdle.

You don't need to make drastic lifestyle changes to spend less. While it's sensible to cut down on big expenditures, being savvy with household outgoings could actually save you more money in the long run

As a further way to help more people manage their household spending, TalkTalk has extended its range of Fixed Low Price Plans, which guarantee no broadband price rises for the duration of the contract.

Customers can now fix their price for 12, 18 or 24 months, yet also have the freedom to swap to another TalkTalk package if they see a better deal, after 30 days. The new packages save up to £328 in comparison to equivalent offers from BT, Sky and Virgin Media over 24 months, and are available to those currently with TalkTalk as well as new customers.

Tristia Harrison, TalkTalk's Consumer Managing Director, said: "It's never been more important to know you're getting a good deal and paying a fair price. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone looking for smart ways to save. That's why we're the only major provider to guarantee your broadband price won't increase mid-contract, and that our loyal customers will get exactly the same best-value deals as new customers. We're offering true value for money and peace of mind that people deserve."

Top tips for saving money on household bills

Calculate the cost for the whole year - Many companies offer discounts that drop off after a few months. When looking for a deal calculate what it will cost you over 12 months to make sure you're paying the best price every month and getting true value for money.

Look for free extras – when comparing deals, don't just look at the headline price. Many companies might offer added extras that others charge for. For example, some home phone providers include things like caller display and voicemail for free, which would save you money every month. Or if you're looking for a new broadband package, don't get caught out by cheap prices with data usage caps, look for deals that offer unlimited broadband to avoid paying extra.

Talk for less - When keeping in touch with family and friends find out how you can save money on calls. Some providers offer discounted rates on your most dialled numbers or free calls to friends and family if they're on the same network.

Fix your price – a price rise when you're trying to budget can be incredibly frustrating. Some utilities and broadband companies now give you the option of a fixed tariff, which means you'll know exactly what you're spending every month. A good example of this is TalkTalk's Fixed Low Price Plans, which guarantee no broadband price hikes for the length of your contract.

Set up online bills - If you haven't already, get set up with online billing, it's a quick and easy way to save money as many providers charge for paper bills.