Three mobile myths busted

How many did you believe?

Mobile myths

There have always been plenty of people willing to offer good advice about mobile phones, and also plenty more who love to share a scare story. But how many claims are true and how many are purely myth?

Here are some of the most common claims that have been proven false and some that are actually true.

1. Your mobile phone can ignite petrol: false

You've seen the signs at petrol stations that forbid mobile phones on the forecourt. You may even have faced the embarrassment of having the pumps turned off until you put your phone away. But there have been no proven incidences of a mobile phone causing a fire at a petrol station.

Even so, you still need to follow the rules of each station and the laws of the road, so save your texts for the next pitstop.

2. A bigger battery means better battery life: false

Whatever the device – be it a mobile phone, laptop or tablet – the battery life is most closely linked to how much demand you put on it, not the size of the battery. So, for better battery life, look for devices with the most efficient display and electronics. You'll find tips to make your battery last longer in our blog.

3. Mobile phones interfere with the electronics on planes: false

Modern aircraft systems are exceptionally sophisticated and very, very carefully designed and protected. Even if every passenger on-board used their mobile phone at the same time, it is likely there would be no risk to the aircraft.

Airlines may change the regulations soon, but you still need to obey all the rules onboard an aircraft for your safety. So make your last-minute calls before you leave the gate.

And now for some that are actually true...

5. Your smartphone is more powerful than the NASA computers that took us to the moon: true
6. The first mobile phones cost $4000 in 1983: true
7. You can charge your phone every day for a year for less than the price of a second class stamp: true
8. The average user unlocks their phone over 100 times per day: true
9. Selfies result in more deaths than shark attacks every year: true (so be careful!)
10. Mobile phone throwing is a sport in Finland: true