Six simple ways to speed up your smartphone

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Is your smartphone starting to feel a little sluggish? Does it take longer to load web pages, download emails or stream videos? Well don't worry, help is at hand. Follow these simple steps and you could give your smartphone a whole new lease of life.

1. Install those updates

Make sure you're always running the very latest version of Android, Windows Phone or iOS software on your smartphone by installing regular updates. As well as introducing new features, these software updates are designed to fix bugs, tighten up security and enhance your smartphone's performance.

While installing them may seem like a chore sometimes, you'll be glad you did.

2. Clear your cache

Whenever you visit a website or use an app, your smartphone saves bits of data in its cache. This helps improve your smartphone experience by speeding up the loading time next time around.

Trouble is, this data can build up over time, tying up valuable memory and taking its toll on your smartphone's performance. So make sure you clear your cache every now and then.

Android: Settings menu > choose an app > tap Storage > tap Clear Cache and Clear Data
iPhone: Settings menu > tap Safari > tap Clear History and Website Data > tap Clear History and Data
Windows Phone: Internet Explorer > tap the ellipses (...) > tap Settings > tap Delete History > tap Delete

3. Delete or disable unwanted apps

We all have apps and games we barely use, and these can be a serious drain on our smartphone's resources. Not only do they use up valuable memory, which can slow down performance, they can also eat into battery life.

Take a look through your app collection and delete any you no longer need. Or at least close or disable them in your task manager to prevent them running in the background.

4. Free up some storage

In the same way that deleting unwanted apps can help speed up your smartphone, so too can deleting photos, videos, music and other files that take up space. So trawl through your playlists and picture galleries and see what you can get rid of.

You'll find more tips in our blog: 6 easy ways to free up space in your smartphone's memory.

5. Go easy on the widgets

If you've got an Android phone you're probably a big fan of widgets – but it pays to use them sparingly. Too many widgets can seriously slow down your smartphone.

Similarly, on a Windows Phone, you should keep the live tiles on your homescreen to a minimum as they too can put a strain on internal memory.

6. Reboot your smartphone

It may seem obvious but have you tried turning it off and on again? Sometimes a good old-fashioned reboot is all your smartphone needs to get things running smoothly again.

Failing that, you could always opt for a full-scale factory reset. It's a fairly drastic option – you'll need to back up all your data before you do it – but it can significantly improve your smartphone's performance.

For advice on how to do this take a look at our TalkTalk Mobile Device Guides.