How shopping on your smartphone could be easier than you think

Man with phone

When you want to shop, are you still firmly attached to your laptop or desktop computer? If so, then it's time to think again. Shopping on your mobile is getting better all the time and you'll be amazed at how easy and quick it can be. Let's take a look at how mobile shopping measures up to shopping on your computer.

"My mobile is always with me and always on"

A definite winner in terms of dealing with impulse purchases, your trusty smartphone is almost always within reach and ready to do business. And of course you can shop while on the train or bus, or while waiting for friends to meet you.

"I like to sit down and really immerse myself in the process"

On a desktop or laptop computer, you can display multiple windows at once, which gives you lots of control when navigating product reviews and comparing prices to find the best website.

On smartphones, with the rapid increase in mobile-optimised websites, excellent shopping apps and big-screen mobiles, it's now much easier. Models like the Samsung A3 and Samsung J3 have brilliant, extra-large displays that are perfect for browsing and buying.

"The shopping apps on my smartphone are indispensable"

The biggest benefit of shopping on your mobile has to be the wide range of wonderfully user-friendly and intuitive apps now available.

Apps from big names such as Amazon and eBay are just the start, with most of the major high street retailers also boasting their own. Plus there's also the excellent Prime Now from Amazon that is only available through an app. You can also find the best deals by using price comparison apps and pay securely using Google Wallet and PayPal.

"I need a full-size keyboard to make entering data easy"

Some people are a whizz at entering data using their smartphone, but if you're someone who prefers a full-size keyboard you might find it frustrating having to enter card and address details into a mobile site. Thankfully, many trusted brands now securely store your information for you, which makes a quick purchase on your mobile much easier.

"Security is really important to me"

Shopping on your mobile can be just as secure as shopping on your laptop or desktop. Just follow a few simple rules and you can relax and shop to your heart's content.

- Use the SuperSafe Boost included with your TalkTalk package to help protect your devices from viruses, scams attempts and banking fraud.
- Consider using a trusted payment service such as PayPal that uses industry-leading technology to store and send your financial and personal data.
- Always download your apps from official stores like Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.
- Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi when you shop and use your 3G network instead.
- Beware prying eyes that might be trying to make a note of your personal data as you enter it into your mobile.

"I was surprised how easy it is"

In recent years, shopping on your mobile has become easier than ever, with superfast connections, very powerful yet easy to use technology, and crystal-clear displays – all at a size that makes browsing and buying a breeze.