Tips for improving your internet speed

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It is possible that your broadband is not as fast as it could be. We know how frustrating slow speeds can be and we believe we can help you improve this.

Essentially broadband travels through the wires that connect your house to your local telephone exchange, which is where your broadband comes from. The broadband you're using goes on quite a journey before it gets to you and the signal loses speed over long distances. You may live a considerable distance from the nearest exchange. BT, Sky and Plusnet all run their standard broadband services from the same wires so will experience similar challenges on your street.

What can you do?

There are things you can do to improve your connection.

1. Check your router is plugged into your master socket (rather than a normal one). This will be close to where phone lines come into your home.

2. If you have a standard master socket (with one hole rather than two) use one of the microfilters that came with your router (avoiding phone interference).

3. Things in the way of your router can slow it down. Keep it elevated, upright, clear from bluetooth devices (like baby monitors) and away from obstacles.

4. Consider switching to Fibre. There might be fibre optic cables on your street. These have a higher bandwidth than copper, so work better over long distances. This could improve your internet speed by to up to 38Mb with our Fibre Medium. People who have access to fibre tend to upgrade to get the latest technology and the best service, so it might be worth considering an upgrade now.

Get more information on how to get a better connection, or find our more about fibre online or by calling 0800 781 4313.