Moving house? Then check out these tips for staying digitally safe!

Couple unpacking in new home

Moving to a new home or going to university for the first time is exciting. After all, it's the beginning of a new journey.

There are lots of different things you need to stay on top of – packing boxes, sorting out bills and changing the address details for all your accounts. There are even checklists available online that can guide you every step of the way.

But there's no security checklist that tells you what to consider when moving to a new home - until now.

F-Secure, our award winning security partner, shares four top tips to consider before you pack up, pick up the keys and move into your new home.

1. Good account and password management

You will have a lot of new accounts to set-up when you move, including energy, water, broadband, your bank account and insurance.

It's understandable to want to reuse a simple, old password. It is a lot to remember, trying to keep track of the login credentials of all your major accounts. However, reusing passwords is a really bad idea and you don't want to start this exciting new experience with a security blunder - which can cost you. If someone finds out the password from one of your accounts, you don't want them to have access to them all.

It's really important to have different, strong passwords in place for every account that includes numbers and symbols. Why not use a password manager to keep all your user names and passwords in one place, in an App so you never forget them? Click here to try F-Secure KEY today.

2. Social Media

Be careful not to divulge your move on social media platforms and make sure your social media accounts are only seen by friends and family.

Posting pictures on social media channels (such as Facebook and Instagram) showing you in the middle of a move could attract unwanted attention from thieves or scammers in search of an easy target.

Criminals are constantly on the lookout for opportunities. For instance, they could turn up to your old address to steal your mail to get identity information. Thus, it is also important to redirect your mail to your new home, this protects you against identity theft or fraud. You can redirect your post via the Royal Mail to your new address.

3. Put security on your mobile, tablet and computer

Moving home is a fresh start and a good time to get security installed onto your mobile phone, tablet and computer. Security will protect you and the family from online scams, fraud and theft and protect your privacy and online identity. Getting the kids' devices protected before they go to uni is must. If you have younger children, it will let you set what they can and can't see from their mobiles and tablets.

Thankfully, TalkTalk is giving customers £75 off the retail price of F-Secure. Called SuperSafe
Boost it protects eight devices to cover the whole family. It's £2 a month for Simply Broadband and Essentials TV customers and included free for Plus TV customers. Get it here.

4. Turn on HomeSafe

TalkTalk's HomeSafe is a family friendly filter that ensures your kids can't access any violent,
sexual or nasty content you don't want them to see when on your home Wi-Fi. It's really
important to turn this on in My Account. This will also make sure any of your kids friends
visiting your home won't be able to access dodgy content on their mobiles and tablets when
under your watch.

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