How TalkTalk ensures you are more connected than ever before

Find out how customers benefit from TalkTalk's six new promises

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It's official. We're all spending more time than ever on devices offering us unparalleled access to the things we love – whether that's browsing online, communicating with loved ones or watching TV.

One in five of us would prioritise connecting broadband over water or gas when they move into a new home, research has shown.

So we know how important it is that we provide products and services that are reliable, easy to deal with and always great value.

That's why we offer:

1. Market-leading low prices on broadband, smartphone and TV packages so you can spend more on the things you love.

2. Unlimited broadband as standard so you never have to worry about paying extra charges or limits for doing the things you enjoy.

3. We know the experience of being online is critical, whether playing a game or watching a movie. No one wants the dreaded buffering. It's why we offer broadband that gets faster and faster – and why we're constantly investing in improving the network across the UK.

4. Inclusive privacy features and award-winning online security to help protect you and your family against phone and online threats.

5. TalkTalk customers who have a landline can chat for free with friends and family who are also with TalkTalk.

6. When it's time to unwind, you can turn to TalkTalk TV for instant access to all the latest and greatest movies and TV at Britain's lowest prices.