Have you outwitted a scammer? We want to hear your story

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TalkTalk is looking for people who believe it's time to take the fight back to the scammers.

With 2.5 million UK households receiving a scam call in the last month alone we need to work together to combat this huge and growing threat.

We are recruiting a team of savvy people who have stopped a scam in its tracks before they became one of the millions of people who fall victim to scams.

We want to hear the real stories from real people who have been on the receiving end of a fraudster's approach. These con artists will likely have purported to be from trusted organisations, such as banks, utilities companies and even HMRC in order to try to steal money or gain access to personal information.

In sharing your experiences and highlighting to others the warning signs you spotted we can help others be scam aware.

If you have outwitted a scammer, would like to be one of our Scam Busters and are happy to share your story with media, email your story to beatthescammers@talktalkplc.com

Together we can beat the scammers.

**3.8 million people fell victim to scams in 2015