Enter The Hungry Games with TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk is celebrating the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 by piloting a range of Hunger Games inspired TV dinners


From Peeta's life-saving offering of burnt bread to Katniss, to the lavish banquets enjoyed by the Capitol, food and the quest for survival is ever-present in The Hunger Games. Now, to celebrate the release of the final instalment and give its customers a truly unique and immersive home-viewing experience, TalkTalk TV is piloting a range of limited edition ready meals that can be re-created by viewers at home.

The range, aptly called The Hungry Games: TV Dinners, brings to life some of the series' most recognisable dishes, including Peeta's Burnt Raisin and Nut Bread and Katniss' favourite Lamb and Plum Stew. The prototypes have been created in partnership with pioneering chefs from Blanch + Stock and viewers wanting to try the edible delights can find the recipes at talktalk.co.uk/hungrygames.

Twitter users who tweet @TalkTalkTVStore on Wednesday 23rd March stating what their fighting food would be if they were to go into the arena will have the chance to win a hamper containing everything they need to create a Hunger Games feast at home.

Sadly, there are no plans to offer District 12 staples such as roasted squirrel or dry bones any time soon.

The Hungry Games TV Dinner menu in full, is as follows:

Peeta Bread (Burnt Raisin and Nut bread)

Peeta, one of the central characters, is the son of a baker in District 12. His first interaction with Katniss comes when he gives her a slice of this District 12 delicacy at a time when she was struggling to find food for her family and was close to death.

Katniss's Lamb and Plum Stew


One of the things that Katniss eats on her first ever journey to the Capitol. When she is questioned by Capitol TV host Caesar about what has most impressed her since her arrival, she describes the delicious lamb and plum stew she haqd just eaten.

Capitol Chocolate Cake


The feast served to Katniss on her first night in Panem ends with this chocolate cake. After tasting it for the first time she concludes her predicament "may not be so bad after all."

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