Binge on more than just chocolate with our Easter Eggstravaganza

Let TalkTalk TV entertain the whole family over the holidays

Eggstravaganza banner

The holidays are approaching so it's time to get together with the family and enjoy some Easter treats. But this year it's not just chocolate eggs, roast dinners and watching baby lambs frolicking in the fields. No! This year TalkTalk TV are bringing you a huge selection of fantastic family films to watch - it's an eggs-travaganza!

Here's our selection of the best family films available via the Sky Movies Boost and the TalkTalk TV Store.

Sky Movies

Inside Out

Get the Sky Movies Boost half price - for just £7.50 per month you can enjoy massive Disney-Pixar hits such as Inside Out, Brave, Cinderella and Big Hero 6.

TalkTalk TV Store

Discover a great collection of family titles to buy and rent in the Family Favourites collection on the TalkTalk TV Store online and on your set-top box. It features marvellous movies such as The Good Dinosaur, Hop, Hotel Transylvania 2, Pan, Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade and Rise of the Guardians. Rentals cost just £3.45 - Britain's lowest price.

Now you're all set for an eggs-ellent Easter!