TalkTalk's new SuperSafe Boost - what's in it for you?


Security is becoming a very important topic to all of us, especially with the rapid expansion of technology and the potential risks related to it. Let's face it, the internet has become an integrated part of our daily lives. So it's fair to say that we are concerned about online security and what we can do to protect ourselves. So what's the solution? Well the key to protecting yourself and your family - in and out of the home - is having a robust security solution in place.

At TalkTalk, we believe it is important to provide our customers with a comprehensive security solution that keeps them safe from the continually evolving dangers online – whether you're using a smartphone, tablet or computer. That's why we have launched the newly upgraded SuperSafe Boost.

Once again, we have partnered with award-winning security experts F-Secure to develop the new SuperSafe Boost. F-Secure is an ethical internet security provider that has been creating security software for nearly 30 years and today protects tens of millions of people worldwide. It's the only security company in the world that works alongside 200 telecoms companies globally to provide easy-to-use software. That's why we are confident that TalkTalk customers are well taken care of.

So what's new?

With the updated version of SuperSafe Boost, customers can protect all of their PCs, Macs, tablets and mobiles (including Android, iOS and Windows). It complements the built-in security of iOS and Windows phones, while offering additional security features for Android devices.

SuperSafe Boost also has upgraded features that combat viruses, secures web browsing and defends against scam attempts. Handily, it also has multi-layered protection for online banking and shopping, which are often targets for hackers.

We want everyone to be safe and secure online, so with SuperSafe Boost, every TalkTalk customer will receive protection on one device for free. Better still, for only £2 extra a month, you can protect a further seven devices (RRP £99 per year) – unless you're a Plus TV customer, in which case your standard package already includes protection for up to eight devices. You can claim your free security today from My Account.

Key benefits of SuperSafe Boost

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1. Malware (anti-virus) protection
Automatically scans all files, applications, emails and downloads for up-to-the-minute threat detection and removal.

2. Browsing protection
Checks every page you access and blocks unsafe pages attempting to collect personal information (also known as phishing) or spreading malicious content. It also warns you when your device is attempting to open unsafe links sent via emails or SMS.

3. Banking protection: Adds an additional layer of protection for when banking online, automatically securing your connection every time you access your bank's website. It is easily noticeable when the banking protection is active as a banner will appear in the upper part of the screen. For PCs, this protection also blocks other connections being made, shielding your account details from online predators.

4. Parental control
Works in conjunction with TalkTalk's HomeSafe web filter to provide protection away from the home. Blocks inappropriate content (as well as harmful websites), sets access time limits for children (to ensure that the children are doing their homework and going to bed when they are supposed to) and filters the search engine. For iOS (iPhones) and Android phones, you can use the tracking feature to locate your child's whereabouts.

5. Loss and theft protection
SuperSafe Boost's loss and theft protection allows you to locate your device if it is lost or stolen via your account portal or by SMS. Additionally, if you're unable to retrieve your Android device, you can lock and wipe all data from it to prevent your data getting into the wrong people's hands.

6. Sharing your security
The new SuperSafe Boost is easy to share with your loved ones. So even if they aren't a TalkTalk customer you can email or text the details of your SuperSafe Boost for them to download and install.

We will always strive to be better in everything we do for our customers, from providing the right service to safeguarding yours and your family's online life. Having worked closely with F-Secure to develop our new SuperSafe Boost, we want to show our customers that we're committed to helping them stay safe wherever and whenever they access the internet.