Are your children cyber-sensible?

Do you know what your children are up to when they are online?


Tablets and smartphones were at the top of many children's Christmas lists last year, ensuring that they are now more connected to the internet than ever before. However, at the same time, online dangers are even more prevalent and most children are unaware of how to stay safe on the internet. With so many stories about cyberbullying and sexting all over the media it can be worrying for parents and it's a difficult conversation to have with your kids.

Internet Matters have created a handy app that lets parents educate their children on internet safety in a fun and unique way. Aimed at 8-10 year olds the CyberSense app is for parents to use with their children.

This tablet-only app is fun and interactive with quizzes, true-or-false questions and even a mini game. Covering nine subjects, including chatting, sharing, cyberbullying, privacy and theft, gaming, downloading, making friends, competitions, adverts and adult content. It's the perfect way to engage your children and start conversations on difficult subjects.

CyberSense has been designed for parents and children to answers the questions together – and if one of you gets a question wrong, you'll have a chance to learn more information before you move on to the next question.

The free CyberSense app is available now from both Googleplay and the Apple Store.

Download it today to help keep your child safe online this year.

You can download here:​

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