TalkTalk invests in broadband boost to help customers beat cyber traffic jams

Experts improve telephone exchanges across the UK and share advice on how to boost your broadband

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Have you noticed your broadband slowing down at times, especially in the evenings when everyone's surfing, gaming, streaming, skyping, and generally causing a bit of a cyber traffic jam?

The UK's internet users are doing more and more online so TalkTalk have committed to making their customers' broadband stronger and more stable. As a result, TalkTalk engineers have been busy working on upgrading telephone exchanges across the country.

These specialist engineers have ensured TalkTalk broadband customers now have an 'extra lane' to cope with all the traffic. Which means that even when it gets busy, everyone can still do what they want online.

Boost your broadband with a few home improvements

There are some simple, yet effective, things you can do to improve your broadband in your home too. You'll be surprised what a difference a couple of small tweaks can make. Here are a just a few you can do today:

1. Use your TalkTalk router
It's been specially built to give you the best Wi-Fi signal from TalkTalk Broadband. And make sure you place it out in the open too. Routers don't like being tucked away.

2. Plug the router into your master phone socket
This is the first socket after your phone line comes into your house. It's the closest to your local exchange and those few metres do make a difference - it also means that incoming phone signals won't trouble your service.

3. Use the kit we've sent you
We'll have sent you new cables, power supply and microfilters along with your new router. You'll get the best results by using these when you set up rather than any old ones you might have at home.

4. Leave it on
For the best service from your router turn it on and leave on. Switching routers off at night or when you're out of the house will slow down the service you get when you turn them back on.

You'll find lots of other tips on how to improve your Wi-Fi at, just search 'Broadband Speed'.

Bringing you even better value

We're always looking for ways to improve your service and to make it even better value. That's why we're investing in our network. And we won't be stopping there. Keep an eye out for more news soon.