Keep your children safe online: Set up safe this Christmas

Simple checklist can give you peace of mind

Set up Safe box

This Christmas, our partner, Internet Matters are encouraging parents to set up their children's presents before they wrapping them. A whopping 50% of parents are forecast to buy tech gifts this Christmas, so before wrapping up their new gadget, make sure they are set up safely and ready to go on Christmas Day.

Every year there are more online gadgets on sale, from iPads to Kindles, Playstation's to smartphones. When parents give these to their children for Christmas, understandably kids want to start playing with them straight away. Internet Matters and TalkTalk want to make sure that parents know how to set these presents up for their children.

A great place to start for TalkTalk customers is by activating HomeSafe® our award winning web filter. HomeSafe® blocks websites you don't want your kids and their friends to see. It gives you the power to choose the kinds of websites to block from your home. If that's not enough you can also use HomeSafe® for Homework Time, restricting the hours they can go on social networking or gaming sites. You can also rest assured knowing that they can browse online safely with Virus Alerts.

From setting parental controls to downloading age appropriate apps there are plenty of ways to keep your kids safe online this Christmas. To make sure their presents are ready to be wrapped, take a look at the Internet Matters simple checklist.

Set Up Safe Checklist:

- Set parental controls on your broadband to prevent your children seeing things they shouldn't
- For smartphones check parental controls are also set up on the mobile network
- Use the device setting so you can only download age appropriate apps and games
- Disable location services so your child doesn't unintentionally share their location with others
- Set up password control or disable in-app purchasing so big bills are not run up accidentally
- Download age appropriate apps you're happy for your child to use
- If your children are 8-10 years old, download CyberSense, Internet Matters new parent/child app to help you talk about e-safety issues in an interactive way
- Be aware of key issues and how to discuss them with your children so they know how to stay safe online
- If your child is using social networking apps check their profile and privacy settings, making sure they are not sharing personal or private information with people they do not know

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