Free upgrade: Select the Kids TV boost and keep the little ones entertained

Get access to the best cartoons live and on demand for three months, on us


Just in time for the Christmas holidays TalkTalk is giving its loyal customers the chance to have the Kids TV boost free for three months, no strings attached.

If customers select this free upgrade they will get access to 16 great kids channels including:


Card full of childrens cutout stickers copyright by Viacom

The home of Spongebob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers.

Cartoon Network

pile of DVDs with Ben 10 secret of the ominitrix on top

Purveyors of modern favourites such as AdventureTime, Supernoobs and Ben 10.



The place to find classics such as The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Inspector Gadget.

The complete list of channels available includes: Nickelodeon, Disney Jr, Disney Channel, Nick Jr, Nick Toons, Cartoon Network, Scamp, Disney XD and Boomerang.

What's more, customers will also be able to access 800 episodes to watch On Demand from many of the same channels.

Customers have until 31st December to select their free upgrade. There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way to choose is online from 9th December when all the offers are available in My Account.

Alternatively, customers can choose their free upgrade today by calling TalkTalk free on 0800 230 0403 or using the Live Chat service where a TalkTalk advisor will talk through the options.

Whichever free upgrade customers choose, TalkTalk have guaranteed that when it comes to an end, they will remove it from your account - no strings attached.

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Terms and conditions:
- One upgrade per customer
- Upgrades are subject to availability and therefore may be removed or changed at any time.
- Upgrade offers are based on your current package.
- If you cancel or alter your TalkTalk contract, your upgrade will be lost. You can cancel your upgrade at any time during the offer period but if cancelled you cannot add a different update.
- Upgrade offers are available to select until 31st December 2015.
- Minimum of 5Mb line speed required.
- Programmes and channels are subject to change.