Is your broadband costing you more than it should?

Each year approximately £140m is wasted across the UK due to the great broadband cap trap

File image of couple afraid to find out about bill

Internetters of Britain! Ever had that sinking feeling when viewing a hefty broadband bill? Did you know Sky and BT broadband packages often have data caps that lead to extra charges? That means that your Bake Off binge or that party playlist you put together on Spotify could be costing you more than you think.

An astonishing 86% of capped users don't keep track of their usage, and pay an average of £11.30 extra every month.

In a bid to stop households across the UK falling victim to the great broadband cap trap TalkTalk have created a broadband usage calculator. This handy gizmo helps you work out how much data you are using – and when you start paying extra.

All TalkTalk broadband packages are 100% totally unlimited. The real deal, with no sneaky caps. So everyone can game, upload, download and stream movies with no nasty surprises.

What's more, with TalkTalk's Broadband Bonanza you can get totally unlimited broadband half price until 5th November.