Broadband cap trap: Brits could be wasting £140m a year on data charges

Sneaky capped packages catch out internet users

File image of couple afraid to find out about bill

Internet hungry broadband customers are being stung with millions in charges every month because they use the internet too much.

According to research by TalkTalk, customers on capped packages like those offered by BT and Sky are potentially wasting up to £140 million a year thanks to sneaky data caps.

The average UK household uses 58GB of data each month according to Ofcom, much more than the 10-40GB monthly limited offered on appealing looking broadband packages by major providers.

TalkTalk, the only provider to offer completely uncapped data usage as standard, have called on rivals to follow their lead and ban capped packages after their research showed that Brits now have twice as many internet connected devices in their homes compared with just five years ago.

And as we enter the colder months and use data heavy 'on demand' video services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix much more, TalkTalk have made a handy broadband usage calculator to help users find out how much data they might get through in a typical month – and avoid surprise charges.

Half of Brits believe that internet access is as important as other household utilities such as water, gas and electricity. A quarter claim they couldn't live without broadband for one day.

Like all of TalkTalk's internet packages, the new half price unlimited fibre broadband deal has no sneaky download caps or hidden charges and it costs just £7.50 a month (excluding line rental) for the full 18 months of the contract - a huge saving of £205 versus BT's comparable Unlimited package. This deal is available until 5 November.