The British city where 9 out of 10 junior school children have smartphones

National survey reveals huge regional variation in usage

View of Tyne bridge and The Sage from The Baltic gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK

Internet Matters' Back to School survey has highlighted huge regional differences in smartphone ownership among children with Newcastle revealed to be the kids "smartphone capital of Britain".

A staggering 90.5% of school children aged between 8 and 11 own a smartphone in the north-eastern city. This compares with 65% in Manchester, 61% in Birmingham (61%) and 55% in London. Brighton and Hove came bottom of the table with only 40% of junior-school age children owning a smartphone device.

Kids Smartphone League Table (percentage of 8-11 year olds who own mobile phones broken down by area)
1.Newcastle (90.5%)
2.Nottingham (90%)
3.Sheffield (83.3%)
4.Liverpool (80%)
5.Cardiff (76.5%)
6.Edinburgh (75%)
7.Glasgow (68.4%)
8.Manchester (64.7%)
9.Exeter (62.5%)
10.Birmingham (60.7%)
11.Bristol (55.6%)
12.London (55.2%)
13.Belfast (50%)
14.Leeds (46.2%)
15.Brighton & Hove (40%)

Carolyn Bunting from Internet Matters said: "Every parent agonises over that all-important decision of when to give their children a mobile phone. Whether its peer pressure, a sign of maturity, or out of peace of mind, every child is different and parents know intuitively what the right age is for their child."

"Giving children this great tool comes with responsibilities both for parents and children. We would urge parents to ensure they have the conversation with their children about how to be responsible on their phones and ensure that the safety settings are in place across all their devices and search engines."

For more information on Internet Matters Back to School campaign please visit where you can download a new online safety guide which helps parents keep their children safe online.