At what age are children old enough to own a smartphone?

Survey reveals parents want minimum age enforced

Look here child showing phone to another

Internet Matters' Back to School survey has found the majority of parents (83%) would like a minimum age for smartphone ownership in the UK - with age 10 being the most popular minimum age.

The new research also shows that over half (65%) of 8-11 year olds own a smartphone and nearly a quarter (23%) of parents let their children take their phone to school.

The survey is complimented by a Back to School e-safety advertising campaign and a new online safety guide by Internet Matters which helps parents keep their children safe online.

Internet Matters spokesperson Carolyn Bunting said: 'With such a huge amount of young people owning smartphones and the acceptable age of doing so being 10, parents need to be more aware than ever of what their children are doing online. That's why we have launched our brand new online safety guide, so that parents remember these safety precautions in their back to school shopping list for their children."