UFO sightings reported across York

Advanced technology has been found throughout city



Have super-intelligent extra-terrestrials chosen York as their landing place?

Several locals claim to have seen flashing lights in the skies, while rumours have spread throughout the city that superior technology has arrived allowing for an ultra-fast connection to the internet.

One resident, who preferred to remain nameless, said: "I was round my friend's house the other night and he had internet speeds that were out of this world, it's like super-intelligent beings have rewired his broadband or something. I was well freaked out and went straight home to cower under my duvet."

Clifford's Tower, Castle, York, England

While several correspondents were keen to welcome 'our new alien overlords' others said the lightning quick internet connections were the result of TalkTalk's new Ultra Fibre Optic broadband and that some locals needed to get a grip.

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