Do you know how much mobile data you are using?

Avoid nasty surprises when you receive your monthly bill


Woman with mobile phone bills
How do I check my mobile usage?

A. Go to "my account" on and sign in

There you'll find your homepage is split into two sections:
1) Top section refers to your home phone, broadband & TV service.
2) Bottom section refers to your mobile contract(s).

In the bottom left there is a brief summary of what you've spent since you were last issued a mobile bill.

For full details click on the "View your plans" link under where it states "Mobile", then click on the small tab to right side of where it states "Mobile usage & plan details."

B. Use the My TalkTalk App

You can now check your TalkTalk account and run real-time health checks of your services on the go, with the new My TalkTalk App. Find out more here or download the app for iOS or Android.

Mobile usage alerts

We provide a FREE alert service to all our TalkTalk Mobile customers to help monitor and control your usage. Find out more here.

TalkTalk Mobile barring

Sometimes it's a good idea to restrict certain types of usage on your mobile to help control your bill.

TalkTalk Mobile offer a range of bars to help you control your usage whether you're at home or abroad. Find out about the bars we offer and how you can add and remove them here.

Get a plan with unlimited data usage

TalkTalk offer Britain's lowest price unlimited SIM - only £12 a month on a flexible 30 day rolling contract you get unlimited data, minutes and texts. Find out more here. Or buy the All-In SIM now.