Tabby Cat Begs to Get Dressed Up in Little Outfits and It's the Cutest Thing

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that no sooner does someone post a cute video of their animals and/or children than some other grouches will find a way to criticize it. And so it is for this poor tabby cat and his mother, who are just trying to find a bit of amusement in his favorite pastime of playing dress up—that is, if the internet scolds will become convinced that he really, truly, does like this game after all.

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Take Loki, an Instagram star with over half a million followers whose mom, Danielle, calls him “the most chaotic cat on the internet” and who apparently adores dressing up in costumes. Loki has been amusing viewers for years with his funny videos of him getting up to shenanigans, holding snarky or silly signs, and choosing his own dress-up clothes, but that doesn’t stop folks from being skeptical that the cat truly likes this activity.

Trust us, he does.

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Cats Who Like Clothes

In the video, Loki can be seen dragging a small, cat-sized suit (but not a cat suit!) toward his mom and meowing at her until she agrees to put it on him.

Cats don’t like clothes? Since when?

Cats Are Contrary

Naturally, not all cats like clothes. Mine complained the entire time she had to wear a little medical onesie after her spay surgery. My kid got a book of origami hats for cats and let me tell you, not one single paper hat lasted longer than thirty seconds on that animal’s head.

But cats are not a monolith. In fact, it is often a truism about cats that the more money you drop on some feline-oriented bed or plaything that someone tells you their own cat cannot live without, the more likely they are to utterly ignore it. Some cats like going outside. Other cats (like mine) hate the very idea of the great outdoors. Some cats will die for tuna. Mine won’t even taste it. Some cats even like to swim, though in general the water is thought to be a cat’s great enemy. I spent a whole year thinking that my cat was trying to bait me by asking for belly rubs because someone told me that no, cats do not like having their bellies rubbed it’s always a trap.

(Reader, it was not a trap. She lives to have her belly rubbed.)

Loki is a cat who loves cosplay. Deal with it.

How to Teach Your Cat To Like Something

You know that saying about how the best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, and the second best time is today? It holds true for cats as well. The best time to teach a cat to tolerate or even like a particular activity is in their kitten hood. Do you have a Sphynx hairless cat who needs to learn to deal with baths for cleanliness purposes? Get ‘em while they are young. Cats are nothing is not creatures of habit. I started making my kitten cuddle with me on the couch every night after the kids went to bed and now, four years later, she gets upset if we don’t engage in our nightly ritual.

If you can’t get a kitten, you can still form a habit with your adult cat. Make it a regular event, and make sure to make it a pleasant one, with treats, scratches, and whatever other cat-friendly extras you can muster.

Or maybe your kitty, too, will naturally love playing dress up.

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