Sylvester Stallone is accused of insulting 'Tulsa King' extras on set. Here's what we know.

Sylvester Stallone poses for photographers.
Paramount is reportedly looking into whether Sylvester Stallone made offensive comments about extras on the set of TV’s Tulsa King. (Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP) (Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP)

Sylvester Stallone is facing allegations that he mocked the appearance of background actors on the Atlanta set of Paramount+’s Tulsa King. Stallone hasn’t commented, but director Craig Zisk — who Stallone allegedly made the comments to — denied the claims. Parent company Paramount is reportedly investigating.

🔎 What happened?

The veteran actor and star of the Rocky and Rambo franchises, 77, is filming Season 2 of Taylor Sheridan’s Tulsa King series. It’s his first starring TV role.

On April 7, Atlanta-based Catrett Locke Casting told its clients it had “chosen to part ways” with the show.

A writer not affiliated with the show circulated two social media posts. One was about casting director Rose Locke witnessing a “clear toxic environment” she “was not comfortable putting myself or background artists in.” (Locke hasn’t commented.)

The second post claimed someone on the set observed Stallone asking the director: “‘what the F*** is up with these F****** ugly background [actors].’” Stallone and Zisk allegedly called the extras “terrible names,” including “tub of lard” and “fat guy with cane.”

They claimed Stallone — who plays a mafioso who is released from prison and exiled to Oklahoma to rebuild his crime empire — said he wanted production to bring in “pretty young girls to be around me” on set.

📅 What’s happened since?

While Stallone hasn’t commented, Zisk denied that any insults were uttered. He told TMZ that Locke improperly cast background actors for a scene inside a young, hip bar. The actors cast were older than the requested 25-to-35-year-old range. He said they used them anyway and that the actors were “polite” and “did their jobs."

Zisk also denied that Stallone asked for “pretty girls,” adding that the actor’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, was on the set.

Background actor Thomas Mooneyham — who was replaced in the bar scene and was the lone actor using a cane — told Deadline that while he didn’t hear Stallone mock his body or mobility, he noticed the star looking over at him and laughing. He and another extra were then replaced with a younger cowboy and a “good-looking cowgirl.” Mooneyham said he feels “singled out” over the incident and his “feelings got hurt.” He added: “I’m more pissed than hurt. And it’s just because of my disability.”

According to the same outlet, producers talked to the cast and crew about the situation and their commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment. Further, Paramount is investigating the allegations of disparaging language, according to CNN and Fox News.

SAG-AFTRA, the actors’ union, said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter: “There is no room on any set for disparaging comments to background actors or any performers. Though we have not been contacted directly about the incident on set of Tulsa King in Atlanta, SAG-AFTRA is committed to the safety and well being of cast members on all productions.”