Swimming pool crashes through apartment block roof in Brazil

CCTV footage shows a swimming pool crashing through a roof of an apartment block in Brazil.

The 75ft-long pool at the prime beachfront building suddenly collapsed before the water gushed into the car park below in Vila Velha on April 22.

No one was reportedly hurt but 270 residents had to be evacuated from the 90 units that were occupied by tenants in the building and were made to stay on hotels in the area for free.

The residents were allowed to return to their units five days later on Tuesday (April 27) after the building was checked by engineers for damage.

Ubiracy Fonseca who lived in the building said they heard a loud noise and saw water pouring out of the building so they immediately fled.

He said: "We heard a very loud noise. Immediately we tried to find out what happened. We went to the balcony and saw that a lot of the water came out of the building and went down quickly."

The building was constructed by real estate developer Argo and was finished in 2018. Only two years after it was turned over, the pool had been closed for three months due to a leak.

The project’s superintendent Gilmar Assumpcao said some residents refused to return to their units so they will conduct more investigation.

He said: "We had a meeting with residents as well as the lawyers to investigate the situation. We have referred them back to their units but there are still some who do not feel secured. We will do more investigation."

The reason for the collapse was still unknown but city engineers have checked on the building and found no structural damage. Areas with affected power and water supply were also restored.