Sweet Ways Sanctuary Cows Show They’re Happy Are Warming People’s Hearts

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Many animals have certain ways of showing when they're happy and content, and The Gentle Barn wooed all of us when they showed us how their rescued cows show that they're happy in this sweet video posted to Instagram on Tuesday, July 9th. In honor of Cow Appreciation Day, they shared 5 different ways that cows show they are happy, and it'll warm your heart!

The first one they share is that if a cow trusts you completely, they'll let you rub their bellies. So if a cow ever offers you their belly, they consider you a friend! If a cow initiates physical contact - maybe licking or bumping into you for a hug - they trust you and want you to show them some love. Watch on for the next few...number four is my favorite, and I had no idea about number 5!

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Awww! This made my heart happy! And I also now need to hear what it sounds like when a cow 'purrs'! The Gentle Barn is one of my favorite animal rescues and I love watching their videos. They make me wish I could have farm animals. Like @magicalmoebius said in their comment, "My heart! I just want to be around all the cows!" Another commenter spoke for all of us when they said, "This brought me a much-needed smile. Thank you."

@asap bubbles made a great point in their comment, "Many people don’t realize how much cows and other animals are just like our beloved pets. They just think of them as dumb animals used for milk, not aware beings that have friends, love getting pets and playing, and who grieve the loss of their friends." After watching so many videos about animals, I totally agree!

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More Stories of The Gentle Barn Rescues

Since I'm such a fan of The Gentle Barn and love hearing about animal rescue stories, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites. The announcement of their baby turkey back in September 2023 is one of my favorites, as was when they chose a name for the adorable little chick.

They also saved a pig who was supposed to become one family's Christmas dinner and were in for a surprise when they realized she was pregnant and had a bunch of piglets they'd be bringing home with them, too. It was a Christmas miracle! And it was so much fun to watch all of the different animals enjoy treats at Halloween! They were as excited as little kids after they trick-or-treat!

As one commenter mentioned, animals do grieve. The story of how they comforted a cow who had lost her sister was so touching, as was the story of how rescued cow Chico came to be a resident at the farm. His story is cool because he broke him and his brothers out of a slaughterhouse auction! He's a true hero!

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