Sweet Way 'Lake Dog' Introduces Neighbor to Her Puppies Will Make Anyone Smile

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Being a dog owner in the city or even suburbs can be very different from what it's like to own a dog in the country. For example, leash laws are in place in the majority of public parks, neighborhoods, and city streets, but in rural areas, dogs get to wander. If you're truly lucky while staying in the countryside, you'll get to know your neighbors' dogs even better than you know your neighbors.

That's the case in many smaller towns, at least, and it's definitely the case at the lake house where Airbnb superhost Ashley met her newest neighbors. On March 25, she began recording a video of Tiny the 'lake dog' for her husband when another, smaller pup began to approach. He even barked at first, but Ashley was quick to gain his--and his sister's--trust.

OMG! My heart skipped a beat when the curious puppy trotted into view, and it happened all over again when his sister appeared moments later. I can only imagine how over-the-moon Ashley must have been feeling to meet these cute puppies. Not only are they simply precious, but they're her friend Tiny's babies, too. That's oh so special!

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What's even more special is that one of those babies seemed to fall in love with Ashley, too. Viewers noticed how enamored the female puppy was with her new friend, and many encouraged the Airbnb host to ask about adopting the pup.

@Baebeigh gushed, "She followed you, sat for you, and then gave you kisses! That’s your new puppy ma’am." I know precisely what you mean! Interactions like this are so special, but it seems like it just didn't pan out. That doesn't mean it won't happen soon, though!

Getting a Puppy With an Older Dog

If Ashely does decide to adopt a puppy, she knows where to find them. Although she returned the trio of dogs to the house where they were hanging out, it turns out they have a permanent home across the lake--they are just out exploring for the day! Both Mama and puppies are well-fed and flea-free, indicating that these lake dogs are well taken care of.

As she explained in a follow-up video, her old dog, Minnie, may not be open to having a little sibling, either. Some senior dogs react negatively to intense puppy energy, but many others are tolerant, if not reciprocal. When playtime happens in moderation, that young energy can be a great influence on an older pup! It can encourage old dogs to be more active while giving young dogs a mentor to teach them about life. It could be a win-win, but only Ashley knows if that's the right decision for her and Minnie. Either way, there's no doubt that these lake dogs are living the good life.

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