Sussexes' aide: All white people 'rife with internalised racism'

Harry and Meghan’s new strategist for Archewell, Genevieve Roth, believes that all white people are “rife with internalised racism and unconscious bias”, the Independent reports.

Invisible Hand, an agency founded by Roth, revealed on Monday that it has begun working with the Archewell Foundation run by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Ms Roth, a white woman brought up in Alaska, has previously described her experience of being married to Jordan Keith, a black man.

In a 2020 article, she wrote: “I am rife with internalised racism and unconscious bias. And to all of the non-black folks reading this, we need to get clear on something: So are you.

“Race is an issue in our marriage because as a white woman of privilege, I have racist tendencies written in at a cellular level.”

On one occasion while driving, Ms Roth described how she mentioned that their car’s license plates were nearing their expiry date.

“He got so angry with me that I worried he would crash the car,” she said.

“‘Do you realise that if a cop pulls us over for expired tags, I could be killed?’, he said. “I had not realised,” she admitted.

“To be raised white in America is to be told in countless small ways that how you live is correct. It means having your image and your values reflected back at you – in the education you received, the toys you were sold, the ideals of beauty you were given”, she said.

Roth has a political background and was director of creative engagement on Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.