Stingray photobombs baby and copies her glum expression in aquarium snap

The stingray appeared to copy the glum expression of baby Daisy. (SWNS)
The stingray appeared to copy the glum expression of baby Daisy. (SWNS)

This is the hilarious moment a stingray photobombed a picture of an adorable baby, appearing to copy her glum expression.

Wendy Armstrong, 41, regularly takes daughters Aurora, two, and Daisy, six months, for a day out to the Lake District Coast Aquarium.

During one visit, Wendy noticed a stingray was taking a particular interest in Daisy and that both were pulling the same miserable facial expression.

Nurse Wendy, and husband Mike Armstrong, 45, a power plant worker, said Daisy was a very serious baby.

stingray fish swims in a large, blue aquarium. in the aquarium I swim beautiful slopes. a bewitching view, the slope swims overhead.
The mouth of a stingray is situated on the bottom of its body. (Getty)

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The mum-of-two from Workington, Cumbria, said: "It is definitely up there as one of our favourite pictures that we have of our kids.

"I had my phone out, and when I saw they were both pulling the same miserable facial expression I burst out laughing and took a photo.

"When she was that age Daisy never used to smile that much which did slightly concern us, but thankfully she is much happier now!”

A stingray's eyes are situated on the top of its flat body but the mouth is located underneath so that it can feed on ocean bottom dwellers like crabs, clams and shrimp.

Earlier this year a scuba diver captured footage of a stingray with a clear image of a devil face in its back while it swam off the waters of Tonga.