St. Bernards' Gentle Sniffs While Meeting New Puppy Sister Are Everything

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It’s no secret that people fall in love with particular dog breeds, and gravitate to them over and over again. Queen Elizabeth was especially fond of her Corgis, and the Obamas helped start a craze for the Portuguese Water Dog after adopting one while living in the White House. Once you are used to a particular dog breeds behavior and foibles, you want to stick with what you know. I know if I ever got another dog, I’d feel very tempted to go back to my beloved Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.

The family in this video are fans of St. Bernards, and it’s understandable. These giant, fluffy beasts are wonderful, affectionate family dogs. And they’d jest welcomed a new member into their ranks.

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In this video, a family is carefully introducing their new St. Bernard puppy to the full grown dogs who live with them.

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How to Introduce a Puppy To Other Dogs In Your Home

They are following all the best guidelines for bringing a new dog into their home. They are doing it in a controlled manner, with the dog safe and protected from the larger creatures. They are giving the dogs a calm, observed space in which to check each other out and get used to the new arrival, and they are lavishing praise on the older dogs for how gentle and kind they are being to the puppy.

Other advice for introducing a new dog into your home is to do it outside, on neutral territory first, and to make sure everyone is leashed, in case there are any altercations.

So, how did it go?

“How is Isla feeling about all this?” asked one person in comments, referring to the adult female St. Bernard.

“She is definitely feeling a bit stressed,” said her owner. “Giving her extra love and the space that she needs at this time,” she added.

“You guys are going to need a bigger vehicle,” said another, and it’s true. Can you imagine trying to transport three adult St. Bernards at once?

Are St. Bernards Right For You?

St. Bernards are well-known through pop culture. Their distinctive size and markings have long been glorified in art and film, and they are famous for their historical role as alpine rescue dogs. They are positively enormous. Adult dogs can weigh up to a hundred and eighty pounds, and they have appetites (and slobber) to match.

Speaking of health, their size means they are more prone to the health problems suffered by large dog breeds like hip dysplasia.

Also, as an intelligent, working breed of dog, they require regular exercise, not only to keep their bodies in good shape but also to keep them from getting bored and turning mischievous—you know, like the famous St. Bernard in the movie Beethoven.

But if you like St. Bernards, you may soon find yourself with a house full of them, just like the dogs in this video. Isla, the adult female, already shares her home with the enormous Angus. And though baby Fiona is still a puppy small enough to sit on a kid’s lap, we can guarantee she won’t stay that way for long!

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