What are Zach Lowe's biggest NBA fears? | Devine Intervention

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ESPN’s Zach Lowe joins Dan Devine on a special Halloween episode of Devine Intervention to talk about his NBA-related fears, giant werewolves and yearbook quotes.

On a very special, Halloween-inspired episode of Devine Intervention, Dan Devine is joined by ESPN’s Zach Lowe to talk about scary things, the NBA and scary NBA things.

First, we start with something that brings us joy. For Zach and Dan, that’s the young Detroit Pistons. And, more specifically, Jalen Duren and Ausar Thompson. This is a fun team and definitely one to keep an eye on.

Before we get into NBA fears, Zach tells us about a giant werewolf that his neighbors have in their side yard and how terrifying it is when you’re walking past it at night after a Halloween party.

Dan and Zach were each tasked with doing up with 3 NBA-related things that scare them, or scare the rest of the league, and took turns explaining their lists. Listen to find out why the Memphis Grizzlies scare Zach, why the Knicks offense doesn’t make sense, why the rest of the league should be terrified of Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets, and why Zach is afraid of seeing Klay Thompson in another uniform.

Before we let Zach go, Dan hits him with “The Closing Five”, five quick questions about himself and his life. Find out what Zach’s yearbook quote was and which sport his daughter claims to be an expert in!

Finally, in our weekly recommendations, Zach recommends a book about facial recognition and his 2nd favorite TV show of all time, while Dan finds more podcasts for you to listen to after this one is over.

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