Tyreek Hill makes heroic effort to fool refs into thinking he scored a TD, but couldn't fool replay

The tipping of the pylon is usually the key indicator that a touchdown near the front corner of the end zone has been scored. If the pylon is down, chances are the plane was broken and the touchdown is good. 

But a downed pylon doesn't always mean that. While attempting to dive into the Philadelphia Eagles' end zone on Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill tried to use the downed pylon assumption to his advantage. 

Hill, who started that first-quarter play by outrunning every single Eagles player on the field, got near the end zone and made a big leap to break the plane, but his trajectory took him just past the corner. So what does Hill do? While in midair, he knocks over the pylon to try and fool the referees into thinking he'd broken the plane and scored a touchdown. 

And it worked — for a few minutes, at least. The play was ruled a touchdown on the field, and if there was no replay review, the Chiefs would've had a touchdown they didn't actually score. But since every scoring play is reviewed these days, Hill's trickery was revealed pretty much instantly and the touchdown was overturned. 

It would have been a lucky break for the Eagles if they'd been able to stop the Chiefs from scoring. Instead, the Chiefs scored on literally the very next play. 

Even without that TD, Hill scored plenty in the Chiefs' 42-30 victory over the Eagles. Among his 11 catches for 186 yards were three touchdowns.