Thomas Tuchel has no ‘fear’ over Chelsea missing out on Champions League

Thomas Tuchel insists he has no fear of the repercussions if Chelsea miss out on a top-four Premier League finish.

Chelsea will seal a top-four place and Champions League qualification with a win at Aston Villa in Sunday’s Premier League finale.

The Blues could also reach next term’s Champions League by beating Manchester City in this season’s final in Porto on Saturday, May 29.

Manchester City v Chelsea – Premier League – Etihad Stadium
Thomas Tuchel has made a major impact at Chelsea since taking the helm in January (Shaun Botterill/PA)

Tuchel knows failure to reach next term’s Champions League would add jeopardy to his personal Stamford Bridge situation – but the Blues boss insisted there is no reason to fret.

“Honestly, it was the maximum target to reach the top four this season,” said Tuchel.

“But I know what you’re speaking of, and I will not hide. You don’t have to be a genius, I know what can happen if we lose.

“Of course you can lose any match in football but listen, there’s a big difference between fear and danger.

“Are we in fear? No, we are not. Why? Because we trust our skills.

“Are we in danger? Yes, of course. But if I go over the street after training I am in danger, but I will still go over the street, I will not sit here the whole day. Because I trust myself that I can take care of myself.

“Will I drive a car today? Yes, I will. Is there danger of an accident? Yes, a high danger of an accident.

“But still I will drive the car, because I trust my skills, I trust others’ skills and I trust the rules.

“This is a big difference, so there’s no fear because we trust ourselves, and we are aware of the danger.

“We will prepare and we will have no fear.

“Can I predict or guarantee that we win? No, I can’t.

“But we will be well-prepared, we will trust our skills and we will have all the right to arrive in the result with self-confidence and belief, genuine belief.”

Chelsea invested £220million in a squad overhaul last summer, with Tuchel whipping the Blues into impressive shape since his January arrival to replace Frank Lampard.

The west Londoners could still strengthen heavily again this summer however, and especially should they secure a Champions League berth for next season.

Harry Kane File Photo
Thomas Tuchel has refused to be drawn on whether Chelsea want to sign Harry Kane, pictured (Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

Harry Kane’s posturing for a move away from Tottenham has set Europe’s top clubs on high alert for any chance of signing the England captain.

Chelsea will doubtless number among those interested parties, but Tuchel refused to be drawn on the club’s stance.

“If you find any coach around the world who would not like to have Harry Kane in his team, call me again,” said Tuchel. “Because I would like to speak with that guy and hear about his ideas of scoring and attacking.

“Everybody loves Harry Kane but let’s be very, very clear: he is a player for Tottenham.

“He has a long-term contract and we will not get involved in any press conference with any disrespectful comments about that.”