A Super Bowl rematch? 49ers and Chiefs open as favorites to win Super Bowl LIX

The Kansas City Chiefs are not favored to win a third consecutive Super Bowl.

The Chiefs became the first team since the New England Patriots after the 2003 and 2004 seasons to win back-to-back Super Bowls on Sunday night with a 25-22 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers. And it’s the 49ers who are the favorites to win Super Bowl LIX.

San Francisco is already +500 at BetMGM to win the Super Bowl in New Orleans next February, while the Chiefs are the No. 2 favorites at +750. If the 49ers and Chiefs meet in next season’s Super Bowl, it would be the first Super Bowl rematch in consecutive seasons since the Dallas Cowboys beat the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII and Super Bowl XXVIII.

The 49ers make sense as the favorites even as they look to be the first team to win a Super Bowl the year after losing it since the Miami Dolphins in the 1970s. San Francisco has a loaded roster that doesn’t have many key players hitting free agency and a quarterback in Brock Purdy who is on a bargain contract. The 49ers could once again have the most talented roster in the NFL from top to bottom entering next season.

We don’t need to explain why the Chiefs are so high on the board. Kansas City has three Super Bowl wins in the past five seasons and a quarterback in Patrick Mahomes who will turn 29 in 2024. Throw in a young defense that held its opponents to 24 points per game or fewer in all but one of its 21 games this season, and Kansas City is set extremely well too.

Ravens are the No. 3 favorites

The odds reveal three clear favorites to win the Super Bowl before a group of teams that we can be considered second-tier contenders.

The Baltimore Ravens are right behind the Kansas City Chiefs at +850 after posting the best record in the NFL in 2023. QB Lamar Jackson won his second MVP award as the Ravens throttled the 49ers in December. However, Baltimore lost at home to the Chiefs in the AFC title game.

There’s a gap between the Ravens’ odds and those of the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions. Both the Bills and Lions are the No. 4 favorites at +1200 ahead of the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Both the Bills and Lions are looking for the first Super Bowl wins in franchise history.

The Bengals have the highest odds of any team that didn’t make the playoffs after the 2023 season thanks to the return of QB Joe Burrow. Cincinnati’s season was derailed after Burrow suffered a season-ending wrist injury. The AFC North could once again be the toughest division in the NFL.

Sleeper candidates

If you’re looking for a couple of long-shot bets, you could do worse than the Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Chargers at +2500 each. The Packers advanced to the divisional round after beating the Cowboys in the playoffs as Jordan Love looked very much like a franchise QB over the course of the season.

The Chargers are, of course, in the same division as the Chiefs, but they have Justin Herbert and a proven NFL winner on the sideline in Jim Harbaugh. The Chargers have to do a lot of salary cap managing ahead of the 2024 season, but they have a QB and coach combination that’s the envy of a lot of fan bases.

The New York Jets are also an intriguing option at +3000 if you trust in Aaron Rodgers’ ability to be a top-tier QB and stay healthy. New York’s defense was fantastic in 2023 and the offense shouldn’t be as bad as it was a season ago, even if Rodgers misses time again.

Super Bowl LIX odds

  • San Francisco 49ers (+500)

  • Kansas City Chiefs (+750)

  • Baltimore Ravens (+850)

  • Buffalo Bills (+1200)

  • Detroit Lions (+1200)

  • Cincinnati Bengals (+1400)

  • Dallas Cowboys (+1600)

  • Philadelphia Eagles (+1600)

  • Miami Dolphins (+2000)

  • Green Bay Packers (+2500)

  • Houston Texans (+2500)

  • Los Angeles Chargers (+2500)

  • Jacksonville Jaguars (+3000)

  • Los Angeles Rams (+3000)

  • New York Jets (+3000)

  • Chicago Bears (+4000)

  • Minnesota Vikings (+4000)

  • Atlanta Falcons (+5000)

  • Cleveland Browns (+5000)

  • Indianapolis Colts (+5000)

  • New Orleans Saints (+6600)

  • Arizona Cardinals (+8000)

  • Las Vegas Raiders (+8000)

  • Denver Broncos (+10000)

  • New York Giants (+15000)

  • Tennessee Titans (+15000)

  • Washington Commanders (+15000)

  • New England Patriots (+20000)

  • Carolina Panthers (+25000)