Super Bowl 2024: Every single BetMGM state is in agreement on the Chiefs

California is one of a dozen states that doesn't have statewide legal sports betting. It might have helped the San Francisco 49ers if it was allowed there.

Then again, maybe not.

The betting story of the lead-up to Super Bowl LVIII, at least to this point, has been the nearly unanimous support for the underdog Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are 2-point underdogs, and in every state in which BetMGM is located, the Chiefs are getting the most bets for the Super Bowl.

That's right: Every single state with BetMGM prefers the Chiefs.

At some point, that has to be a little scary for Chiefs backers. It's not like the house doesn't usually win.

The betting interest in the Chiefs hasn't slowed down yet, however. As of Wednesday there were five times as many moneyline bets on the Chiefs than the 49ers. That's a bit skewed because in the Super Bowl, if bettors take the underdog they're more likely to bet the moneyline than the point spread. Still, early in the week more than three-fourths of the money bet on the point spread was on the Chiefs.

That should even out a bit late next week. A high percentage of the bets on the Super Bowl are made in the 48 to 72 hours before kickoff. Usually the betting split gets closer to 50/50 by game time.

Maybe this Super Bowl will be different. The early support for the Chiefs is unanimous, at least state by state.